Custom Huarache’s

Nike's Not Messing Around This Spring

Even The Soles Are Custom

Cool Cleats AND they beat MSU last night in bball

Check Out The Midsole

White on White Cavaliers

The Hop

The guys at Inside Lacrosse debuted these steezy cleats earlier today. Nike debuted them at the Coaches Convention last week, and they’ve received rave reviews around our office today. It’s like there wasn’t enough incentive to play for a top tier program already, so Nike decided to produce the nicest custom cleats yet.

I do have some suggestions, but I doubt they’ll be remedied. Is it me or are the ‘Cuse and UVa cleats nearly identical? The same goes for the UNC and Hop cleats in my eyes. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t boss, or that I wouldn’t wear them. Also, how awesome would it be if Nike debuted the cartoon Blue Jay on the midsole or the toe for the playoffs?

So far we do not carry these customs, but we’ll pressure Nike if you guys continue to like us on Facebook! We do carry Nike Huarache’s that are in stores now, and next week the Chrome edition cleats will be shipped. They’re not custom, but they’re nice regardless. Give them a look.


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2 Responses to Custom Huarache’s

  1. MaryAnn says:

    i am interested in ordering a cleat from you. is there any way to buy these or custom order?

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