Women’s Custom Heads of The Day

Custom Plaid Brine Amonte

A Little Custom Neon on this Brine Amonte

I’m assuming everyone has seen a dyed head, but they probably don’t understand the process behind it. Let me walk you through it. You order your stick at your local LU who faxes us the paper with all the measurements. From there, our dyer, Robbie, goes to work. His operation is legitimately “Top Secret.” There’s no WikiLeaks going on over at Lax Unlimited HQ. Unless you work here, you don’t how how it’s done, and even if you do work here, odds are Robbie’s job remains a mystery to you. After Robbie works his magic the head is transferred to the warehouse where T.J. takes over. With adequate care and ease, T.J. strings your head to perfection. No detail is left undone. Now is where I come in. I go back there and snap a few pictures before it’s shipped to the same store you ordered it from.

To simplify this whole process I just decided to post my favorite heads every day.


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One Response to Women’s Custom Heads of The Day

  1. TizzleSTX says:

    Might want to recheck that first head…definitely not a Nova

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