Friday Flows

Pro Bowl Flow

Achilles Heel Flow

Super Long Flow

Currently, I have the worst flow in history. I’ve succumb to the corporate cut. It was a rough day in my life, but it had to happen. The men featured above have found a way to keep the dream alive. Brad Pitt’s hair in Troy was the truth. Remember the scene in the beginning when he slays that behemoth of a man? I wouldn’t mess around with Achilles, but how about Jared Allen?

He’s like a renaissance man with his attempt to modernize the mullet. Only time will tell if he’s truly able to bring back the look. This finally brings me to Ken Clausen. The best adjective for his hair is aggressive. He’s the only guy I can remember with hair that long in D1 last year. I like his fashion forward effort though.

Vote below for your favorite, and check out Lacrosse Unlimited for all of your Holiday needs!


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One Response to Friday Flows

  1. No Jeremy Thompson? No Native American flow? Denied.

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