The Office Laxes at their Holiday Party, Do You?

Jim has the hair of a Lax Bro, but the aim of a Kindergartner. Had Jim’s stick been strung at Lacrosse Unlimited, he would’ve nailed his target. Someone tried to call me Dwight the other day around HQ. I squashed that noise right quick. However, can we take some time out to talk about the celebrity factor of lacrosse recently?

Exhibit A:

VS Angel cheezing

Exhibit B:

Former Hop Laxer's Better Half


Good for lacrosse. First, Victoria’s Secret realizes what’s up, and sends one of their angels strutting with a rhinestone-encrusted pink stick. Then earlier this week it was rumored on Page 6 that other VS Angel, Jessica Stam, sidelined Kanye West for former Hopkins LSM, Charlie Wiggins. LaxUNation has confirmed through anonymous sources that this is in fact true. Now Jim is breaking windows on the office with his twig?

Watch out hockey. We’re on your coat tails.

PS: Thanks Lax Allstars for posting the video on YouTube. Much appreciated


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