You Got A Friend In Me

Toy Story Maverik Juice Jr. Heads

Property of Andy

No Need For A Ball Stop Here

To Infinity and Beyond

With the recent Golden Globe nomination of Toy Story 3 for ‘Best Animated Feature,’ these were an obvious choice for a mini-stick. This particular tandem is going to the nephew of Kyle Sweeney, a recent World Champion for Team USA. I know everyone will want these, but I don’t know if our dye guru, Robbie Rimmer, will be willing to mass produce these. You can leave comments , and I’ll pass them along.


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3 Responses to You Got A Friend In Me

  1. Daniel Takata says:

    I grew up with Woody and Buzz. Could you convince Mr. Rimmer to do a mass production so that I can keep those childhood memories forever?

  2. gullax31 says:

    Awesome ideas guys, keep em’

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