Friday Flows: MAAC Edition

Marist Midfielder, Nick Piotti

Mic Debellis, Siena Midfield

Retired Gov. Livingston Midfielder, Drew Simon

Wow. What a match-up on this Merry Eve. What do you do here? Drew’s a star on the Marist social scene, and I mean star. Mic has by far the most unique flow this side of the Mississippi bar Thompson at Syracuse. Then you have Piotti who’s doubling as a timely Jesus in his photo.

This race reminds me of the Bush v. Gore ‘Hanging Chad’ situation. Multiple recounts will be ordered. The Supreme Court Justices will be rushed in on Christmas Eve, but I know one thing for certain. We will have a winner come Christmas morning.

My vote? Easy call. Give me Drew Simon and his semi-female flow every day and twice on Sunday. You should see it straightened. Wow.


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3 Responses to Friday Flows: MAAC Edition

  1. Sally Linehan says:

    call me old school, but I think young guys look great with long hair…lax has by far the coolest looking hair…and Nick’s is the best in this contest, hands down….

  2. doug johnson says:

    yo i wish i knew nick piotti he has some flow bro he is the next messiah of lax

  3. Jet Li says:

    You cant beat the dread lock flow, best flow in the NCAA. Bro Marley flow all day.

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