Rate How Bro Is This Picture?

Guitar Fret, Wooden Skate Deck, Lax

I spotted this picture awhile back on BroBible, and couldn’t help but laugh. Immediately I began plotting what could be added to take this over the top. Aside from the obvious surfboard or snowboard, which are logistically impossible, I couldn’t think of a better compilation of Bro.

I’ve heard rumors of this picture being connected to Rollins Lacrosse, but they are unsubstantiated at this juncture. If any of our readers can lay claim to this please let me know. I can see a Cribs in a not-so-distant future.

Rate this set-up 1-10: 1 being not bro. 10 being super bro.


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2 Responses to Rate How Bro Is This Picture?

  1. Chuck Magid says:

    Thats mine… Its right above my bedroom… Party On.

  2. NBV says:

    That’s a 10-4 on the Rollins Lacrosse assumption. My boy lives there, he’s a flithy musician and laxer and he made that sculpture. You can listen to his music here http://soundcloud.com/cmagid.

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