Riverdale Nike Flow Tops

Meet today’s guest blogger: Harry Liberman. A sophomore at Duke, Harry’s admiration for the game has traditionally been from a distance. He dabbled with Huntington PAL lax before stumbling across his true calling, academics. To quote Van Wilder, “he has an abnormally large Medulla Oblongata.” While his lacrosse expertise may be in question, his taste certainly is not. Without further ado, Harry Liberman everyone…

While most of the lacrosse world is stuck in this lovely winter wonderland of the North, Nike flow tops like these are a seasonal reminder that lacrosse knows no boundaries. Coming from Riverdale HS in Florida, these slightly-checkered flow tops (Seeing the trend yet?) and bottoms are a great way to remind ourselves that we could just as well be playing lacrosse in 70 degree weather even this time of the year. As Riverdale hopes to bounce back from a tough season last year, we look to bounce out of the cold and into lacrosse season. If you’re into these uniforms (Boston College fans especially), email Tony Benz at tbenz@lacrosseunlimited.com for more information.

Riverdale Nike Flow Bottoms

Nike's Attention to Detail

Channelling their inner Bobby Bowden

Holla 'Em


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