Proceed With Caution

Grip and Rip

Before we talk about the logistics of stick checks, let’s take some time out to appreciate the gear in this picture. You see those gloves? They’re only available at Lacrosse Unlimited. We’re the sole retailer of Warrior Finishers. Furthermore, you see that shaft? It’s a Warrior F1 checkered. Our logo’s on there too. Lots of LU love in this photo.

“Waving your stick in the air isn’t scaring anyone,” blared Jack Moran, Chaminade’s Varsity Head Coach at practice. Succinct and fundamental, you would think that this direction was administered to a lowly junior, but to the contrary it was aimed at an All-American defender.

Years later, Coach Moran’s words still resonate, and Shawn Nadelen, Towson’s Assistant Coach and Team USA defender, would probably agree. In the photo above, Coach Nadelen displays one way to deal with a bull dodger. He’s not waving his stick in the air, but rather he’s ripping the stick out of this guy’s hands.

If you’re going to employ any of these checks I highly recommend you do them along the end line with a slide package in place. You’re more than welcome to attempt them closer to GLE, but be careful. Any veteran will tell you that there’s a higher probability of you landing on the bench than landing the check.


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