The Results Speak For Themselves

"I don't like tests. That's why I didn't go to college."

I Love You, Ma


Regardless of intention, Power Balance has garnered product placement on the Jersey Shore. A ringing endorsement for the brand, both Ronnie and Vinny believe in the power, or style of the bracelets. As evidenced to the left, they work. Well, it’s probably m ore like Power Balance in conjunction with a litany of supplements. I’ve heard that Vitamin S does the job.

However, we think the power of the bracelet is strictly limited to physical exercise. Scientists have concluded that you could still suffer the effects of a grenade despite having an improved physique.

More importantly though, who is Vinny trying to fool with his new outfit? It’s almost as if he’s jumped out of the pages of GQ with his Ray-Ban Wayfarers and The Who tee. It’s important to stick with the tried and true when creeping on the shore. Rhinestones, Ed Hardy and Gucci shades should be worn at all times. I guess I can’t keep up with the changing tides of princes.

PS: you can pick these up at a Lacrosse Unlimited near you.


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