Friday Flows

Michael Connors

Patrick Brady

Doug Bergner

Today, Lacrosse Unlimited features the three-pronged attack of Fred Durst, Sean Brady of Duke’s little brother and the University of Vermont’s LSM. The unbridled wild card in this race has to be Connors, but I have seen him play. He’s scrappy and resourceful. I wouldn’t count him out.

The favorite has to be Patrick Brady. How do you compete with a mullet plus gills? It’s so unique that it should be featured in some SoHo studio. He’s a walking, talking work of art.

Last we have Intern’s roommate. Intern hasn’t earned the right to be called by his real name, but he has garnered a capital letter. It’s a step in the right direction. Intern’s roommate is a freshman at Endicott who looks like he’s trying out for a Fred Durst impersonation contest. Do you think Christina Aguilera would switch chairs? Maybe she wouldn’t, but apparently there was a girl next to Fred in this picture. Does she approve of this hair? Intern does.

My vote goes to Fred Durst.


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