Loyola Club Pinny’s

Fresh Nike

Check out the reverse after the jump.

Too bad Nike couldn't make this grey

So I have a funny story about Loyola Club. While down visiting a good friend, he had to wake up early one Saturday morning to go play a game for the Club Hounds. As it turned out, they only had one referee, so as the resident lacrosse player, I was forced into my debut as a referee. It was much harder than I anticipated. Plus, who knew you had to do all these hand motions when you make a call? That’s for the birds. I just blew my whistle and threw flags.

The best part of this whole story is that while eating pre-game pancakes, my friend went to guzzle what he thought was a bottle of Poland Spring. It wasn’t water, and he had to dart to the bathroom. I was amused. He wasn’t. Go Greyounds!


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