The Curious Case of the Warrior Helmet


Sound off in the comments with who you think this helmet might belong to this spring. We have another pic after the jump to help you discern. For the record, yes, that is a chrome face mask. Also, this is a mock-up. The gamer will be be a bit different. 


We apologize for the grainy photos. Better pictures to come.


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8 Responses to The Curious Case of the Warrior Helmet

  1. Tom Scovic says:

    looks like a duke sticker.

  2. GR lax says:

    YEA its a duke helmet i heard something about them wearing flat black this season…the blue face mask looks soo sick too

  3. JB says:

    You can see the black “D” sticker. Matte black looks sick

    Remember a few years back when we saw pics from the convention of Cascade helmets with different colored chrome facemasks…whatever happened with that
    (ie there was orange on a ‘cuse helmet, red on a cannons, etc)

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  5. Travis says:

    Duke trying to be Oregon Football?

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  7. peanut says:

    this had has got to be for duke

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