My Dear Watson

Is it NLI time yet?

Could I interest Coach Danowski in a washed up defenseman with one knee and a year of remaining eligibility? No? Is that out of the question?

The mystery is over. We featured the grainy iPhone pics earlier in the week, but now we have the HD distinction. Sadly though, this is not the exact helmet that will be on display in Durham. Don’t all go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge at once in protest. Rumor has it that the chrome mask will reappear in a different role. We and Warrior have a feeling you’ll enjoy it.


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One Response to My Dear Watson

  1. CNY Laxer says:

    Im sorry but this warrior helmet is so bad. I like the idea of painting the shell, but the physical design, contours, and design language… what was warrior thinking ?! Pro7 will be king for a long time in the retail market.

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