Notre Dame Lacrosse: A Day In The Life

Let me start by saying how biased this post will be. I loathe Notre Dame. They celebrate faded glory like it happened yesterday, and sports writers constantly laud their current squads with lavish rankings that are predicated on past successes. Now that I’ve voiced my overtly obnoxious opinion, I can comment on their facilities.

In a word, wow. After seeing this, there’s no surprise that they made it to Memorial Day Weekend last Spring. How could you not? Every opportunity is afforded to a Notre Dame athlete, and for that, I applaud their athletic department. Save for the Oklahoma State locker room, which T. Boone Pickens graciously donated all the money for, the Arlotta family’s facility holds serve.

I don’t buy into the whole “Play Like A Champion Today,” Rudy lore, but I know tons of people who get giddy at the sight of gold or are brought to tears as Rudy gets carried off the field. One thing is for sure, this must run train on recruiting.  

The Arlotta Family Stadium in South Bend


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