Green With Envy


As featured on Inside Lacrosse, we present Robbie Rimmer’s baller dye. Our own Brendan Flemming wrote a rather entertaining short bit that we highly recommend you read.

Bert the Broker making it rain on Wall Street

It’s been speculated that this will be the team head for the Bear/BofA team in the Gotham League this summer. In a world where competitiveness reigns supreme, and scoring g’s is replaced by crunching numbers like a boss, this head finds it’s home.

“Recession, I didn’t know what it mean, so I typed it into Wikipedia just like I do everything else, and read all 3 paragraphs, and it still doesnt make sense,” said Bert the Broker. “I just know that there’s a recession out there, but me, my friends, we just choose not to participate.”

This head goes out to you, Bert.


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