Vineyard Vines? Nah. Lacrosse Unlimited


Can you tie a tie? That’s the debate we had in the office before shooting these. The overwhelming majority, male and female cannot tie a tie. Considering I’m the product of a private high school, I know two ways to tackle a knot: single and double windsor. For the connoisseurs, the double windsor is better suited for a spread collar. We have the yellow and navy ties available online. All three are available in our stores. A more detailed look is available after the jump. 

Notice the intertwining detail





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One Response to Vineyard Vines? Nah. Lacrosse Unlimited

  1. Michele says:

    Vineyard also carries Lacrosse belts. You know, the fabric ones that you see with whales on them. When I enquired during shopping for Christmas gifts, they only had children sizes available. Perhaps you could convince them into making adult sizes too.

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