Super Match Up: Who Ya Got?


Listen, you guys can have your Doritoes and Pepsi commercials. We’ll take Mini Vader and Em. On a day where the level of commercial was fairly low, Volkswagen and Chrysler stepped out of the box to unveil two unique ideas.

If you say you didn’t laugh at the kid decked out as Darth Vader you’re flat out lying. It was like you could almost see his shock underneath the helmet when the car started. As for Eminem, how could you not be fired up? The gritty voice over by Grand Rapids native, Kevin Yon, boasted an air of confidence, something Detroit’s been lacking. It’s like Chrysler put the city on its back and said follow me. We got this. Detroit might be a city of faded glory, but it’s called the Motor City for a reason. Vote for your favorite.

He turned it on by himself

This is the Motor City, and this is what we do.




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