In Game Blog: Hofstra vs. Colgate

Stephen Bentz

Welcome to Hofstra’s James Shuart Stadium to today’s match-up of Colgate vs. Hofstra. This is the first game for both squads in 2011. Stay tuned for the 4pm start. Hofstra comes in ranked 10th in Nike’s Pre-Season Poll. Colgate looks to rebel after a 3-10 performance last season.

Colgate is representing Lacrosse Unlimited with JoJo DeSimone’s touch on their STX K18 apparel. Hofstra is starting in all white. 

First Quarter:

Hofstra gets called for a procedure on the opening face. Ball to Colgate.

Colgate looks to be running the big little, but earn the stall call. Strong perimeter defense from the Pride.

Shot by Mould. Save by Gvozden and a simple clear. Tough posssession for Colgate.

7:49 in the first, DeNapoli 1 man clears for Hofstra who goes with their first midfield again. They’re running a 1-4-1 high with wing dodges to a pop shot.

1-0 Hofstra, 6:29 remaining in the first. Unassisted goal goes to Brad Loizeaux (Good luck with the pronunciation). He dodged off the point to his right and fired a bouncer past Madison.

Colgate lost the ensuing face, but weathered the storm, and now seem to be straying from the big-little into an umbrella look with a stacked crease. Shots are still hard to come by.

3:33- Failed clear by Hofstra leads to a Colgate shot on the doorstep, but a Gvozden save and a Serling 1 man clear. It just got sloppy very quick.

3:16: Hofstra Timeout

They come out of the T.O. with their 1’s up, and are still in their 1-4-1 set. Most of the initiating is coming from the point or the wing. Bentz is attack.

Stall call here on Hofstra forces them to initiate with Bentz behind matched up with Dave Tucciarone from Rockville Centre, NY. However, an in the crease call leads to a Colgate clear with under a minute remaining.

43.8 Sec.- Timeout Colgate.

Colgate turned the ball over out of the timeout, but were offsides out of the timeout. Now another turnover from Colgate on their clear. Hofstra ball with 6 seconds remaining, and they’ll run out the quarter.

At the end of 1, it’s 1-0 Hofstra.

2nd Quarter:

It’s pretty apparent that it’s early in the season. There hasn’t been much offense, but tons of defense.

Colgate wins the first face of the second quarter.

12:49 2nd quarter- 2 shots. 2 saves. Colgate retains possession.

12:24- Shot sails wide from Colgate’s Jimmy Ryan. Hofstra clears.

10:30- Hofstra Serling earns a push with possession en route to the rack from the wing. He’s stopped on the doorstep by Madison.

10:15- Another doorstep save by Madison on Burke. Hofstra’s EMO started in the 3-3.

9:48- Colgate clears and calls a timeout to talk it over.

Colgate looks a little more aggressive here.

9:05, 1-1. McCann goal on the crease from a Campbell assist. Good ball movement and speed led to the goal for the Raiders. They continuously pushed opposite until they found the soft spot.

Ensuing face goes to Colgate, but they turn it over at X.

Hofstra unveils their 2nd midfield of Braddish (West Islip, NY) , Aaron Jones (Fairport, NY) and Adrian Soirchetti (Whitby, On).

5:07, 2-1 Hofstra. Sorichetti converts a Jones pass. The 2’s pay off for Coach Tierney.

2’s are up again with 2:30 remaining after a Skudin strip on Matt Baker at X.

2:13, 3-1 Hofstra. Braddish dodged left and found Card on the wing who nestled a righty rocket into the upper 90 past Madison.

2:03, 4-1 Hofstra. The wheels are coming off. Fast break goal for Bentz off the Card assist.

57.7 seconds, 5-1. Unsettled goal from the point by Kevin Ford out of Flo Po. He was assisted by Brad Loizeaux from the right wing.

44 seconds left in the second. Hofstra won the face, stepped it in and called timeout. Colgate needs to stop the bleeding. Look for more big-little in the second half.

Tough quarter for Colgate. It seemed like goal, lost face, goal, lost face was the theme.

Halftime Stats:

Shots: Hofstra-12, Colgate-8

Turnovers: Colgate 8, Hofstra 7

Faceoffs: Even

3rd Quarter:

Opening face goes to Colgate and an unsettled scoring chance by Baum that sailed wide.

13:10- Hofstra opens with their first midfield, but a behind-the-back effort by Lincoln is stuffed by Madison. Tough angle. Colgate clears.

11:39- 30-second hold on Hofstra. Colgate shifts into a 3-3 variant. Hofstra killed the penalty. Colgate didn’t even get a shot off. Bad news bears.

10:08- 5-2 Hofstra. Colgate’s Mould scored unassisted.

8:53- Hofstra EMO after Colgate 30-second hold. Hofstra’s in a morphing 3-3 where they pass the crease guy in and out for movement. It’s largely ineffective. Easy kill for the Raiders.

7:07 left in the 3rd. Braddish earns 2, 1-minute penalties on the ride. Thomas shoots, but is rejected. Colgate keeps the ball.

5:47- Sloppy pass to the crease leads to a shaky, yet successful clear by Hofstra. Colgate isn’t pressuring for the ball. Odd call by Coach Nagle. Teams are even. Interesting.

3:55 Someone on Hofstra just got lit up, but apparently he was slashed. Hofstra’s EMO, and back in their iffy 3-3 set. It’s not working. They need to step in. Colgate is just sitting, and not respecting the shot. There’s no need.

1:05- remaining in the 3rd quarter. Colgate ball. They’re circling up. It looks like they’re aiming for the last shot.

26.9- Colgate can’t shoot. They’re getting the looks, but can’t find the cage.

5-2 Hofstra to end the third

4th Quarter:

12:38- A nice long possession from Colgate to start the 4th with a couple nice shots by Baum, but a stall was just called.

12:12- Offsetting penalties mean that Colgate keeps the ball, but they still have to keep it in. Solaja just got away with a hefty brush. Baum is trying to take the game over, and he very well might.

11:27- 5-3 Hofstra. Colgate goal by Andrew Mould from Peter Baum. This was very saveable, but I don’t think Gvozden saw it.

A forced pass by Colgate leads to Hofstra ball the other way. Hofstra’s Serling took the ball to X against his short stick to calm it down.

11:06- Colgate wins the following face off, and settle up.

A little uneven officiating if you ask me here with 8:40 remaining. It took the refs awhile to call the stall on Hofstra.

7:27- Phenomenal hit, groundball and clear sequence for Colgate’s James Queeney leads to another great shot by Mould.

5:43, 6-3 Hofstra. A pass from wing to wing leads to a Lincoln goal. Perkins came out too quick and got rolled. Lincoln finished around Madison who really didn’t stand much of a chance. An illegal procedure call leads to Hofstra ball again.

3:10- Hofstra’s Tim Holman is a human clear. The kid has wheels. He’s uncontested every time coming through the midfield.

1:00 Remaining. It’s all but over here in Hempstead, NY.

Of note: Hofstra plays Katy Perry’s Firework between timeouts, which has to be a thrill for the guys. Not to mention they blare techno during warm-ups.

6-3 Hofstra. Final Score.


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2 Responses to In Game Blog: Hofstra vs. Colgate

  1. Brian Beaudet says:

    third one in from the first quarter starting with “Shot by Mould”. great spelling of possession

  2. Vincenzo Veinticinco says:

    Great call Brian, this kid spells like an absolut louzer.

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