Turtles Shooting Shirt

Tenacious Shooting

Yet another Robbie Rimmer design. Everyone has seen the highlights. Now check out the gear. After you have the playing well aspect accomplished, all that’s left is to look good. Seems like they’re notching that as well.


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3 Responses to Turtles Shooting Shirt

  1. Luis says:

    Dear LaxunNation,
    Ever since I started playing lacrosse I always wanted a shirt like this but my parent’s refuse to buy one for me. I started playing lacrosse last year for middle school. I would want this shirt to make lacrosse a bigger sport for my school. Also I don’t have many lax pinnies or colored shorts at all. If I could win these it would be great for our team and myself. If I were to win this shirt I would tell all my friends about your site so that way it could be a win-win situation. Thank you for trying.

    Luis Costa

  2. Manny Chavez says:

    Please tell me how I can get one of these shooters

  3. tim says:

    Is this the shooter available on lacrosse unlimited’s site?

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