Ladies and Gentlemen…Well, Mostly Ladies

Peace Sticks

Similar to my dorm room, LaxUNation lacks that feminine touch, which is why we’ve been recruiting the NJ Divas to guest blog occasionally. Today, our guest blogger hails from the 203, but resides at Rose Hill, which is bizarre if you think about it. Fordham doesn’t have lacrosse, but they do enroll lax babes. Sammie is a babe who won’t tower over you, but her uncanny knowledge about the game and ability to rock a sun dress will leave your jaw scraping pavement. It’s official. Brittany, and the LU Diva’s have some competition.

What better way to promote world peace through global lax? I guarantee that if we just handed everyone in conflicts zones wands instead of guns, we’d be making some serious diplomatic moves. This new trippy women’s tee colorfully tells those checking you out to ‘Give Peace a Chance” in a very laxy way. A cool tee that is pretty dope in its super simple way. So, peace brahs, spread the lax.

PS: Tara who runs the show in Babylon played a big role in the design, so thanks for the input!


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