Looking Like A Cyclone Hit You

Nike Six Nations

I’ve groomed our next guest blogger to be a stalwart between the pipes. His clearing game is impeccable, but occasionally he suffers from whiplash. It’s tough watching the ball blow by you. I’m just kidding. Brian Beaudet is the junior netminder for the South Side Cyclones, and my cousin. The family dubbed him “Boy Wonder,” but not always in a good way. However, we’re all impressed with the advent of his writing acumen, so without further ado…Brian Beaudet.

For those of you who are unaware, South Side is actually Rockville Centre’s high school. To account for our obvious sense of style, we opted for the new Nikes. Personally, I think they are pretty awesome. Rumor has it that next year we’re adding a set of navy Nikes to complete the combo. These white uni’s have been relegated to big games only. What’s up Garden City?  Will we win? Yeah. Will we look good winning? Yeah.

Ps: Thanks to Tony Benz for the hook up! (tbenz@lulax.com)


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2 Responses to Looking Like A Cyclone Hit You

  1. Albi says:

    my boy bubba

  2. Bro says:

    so flowtactular

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