Shark Bites or Shark Uni’s?

Another Bill Daye Creation

Rhode Island lax is on the up and up, so it’s no surprise that they’re stepping up their style. Bill Daye, ( hit this uniform out of the park. The South Country boys should be thrilled with this Hopkins-color uniform.

Has everyone been paying attention to the Rhode Island product ripping twine for Virginia? That kid Colin Briggs is a Bishop Hendricken alum. I actually played ball with another Hendricken kid my freshman year. Rhode Island lacrosse is no longer a laughing matter. Perhaps South Country is responsible? For the other pictures, keep reading. 


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4 Responses to Shark Bites or Shark Uni’s?

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  2. John Litsinger says:

    Hottest Uni’s ever!

  3. kyle crawford says:

    awesome job john and coach daye

  4. peter crawford says:

    uniform kicks ass best in ri for sure!

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