Feeling Dangerous?

Outlaw Lax

Outlaws Lax

In perusing the Outlaws website, it’s pretty apparent that they’re a no joke operation out of the greater Huntington area. With teams ranging from 4th grade to varsity, Outlaws Lacrosse offers laxers an opportunity to play the game at a high level while having a little fun too.

They’re hosting a clinic towards the end of July (18th through the 22nd) with Paul McDermott, Huntington’s Varsity Coach, Mike Taylor from Dowling and many other great coaches. I guess it makes sense now as to how four Outlaws found their way onto the Adidas All-American East Region team…just saying. Be sure to keep reading for more pictures.

Ps. If you were wondering who’s responsible for these, it was Jimbo…again (jimbo@lulax.com). Come get some.



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