Otto’s Club Cousin

'Cuse Club Lid

Otto On The Ride

The Varsity might have tried to take the cake with their throwback uni’s against Virginia, but the club team had something to say about that. JoJo whipped up some plaid decals that engulf the otherwise orange hat. Otto has never looked so fine.

In the interest of full disclosure, these are an unrivaled nightmare to apply. It took me and JoJo at least 15 minutes to try, and they still need work. We tip our hats to #6, who seems to have done an awesome job with his. Last, that gray should’ve been replaced with old school ‘Cuse royal or navy. That’s my only critique.


PS. There’s another pic after the jump…


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2 Responses to Otto’s Club Cousin

  1. numbaa6 says:

    naahhh dude the grey matches the jerseys and shorts

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