Trinity College’s Nike Vapor Elites

Trinity College Bantams

A Bantam

Lurking in the backdrop, Coach Higgins has his Bantams poised for a run at the DIII NCAA Tournament. At 5-0 with quality wins over Conn College, Bowdoin and Colby. Located in Hartford, this small university is better known for their Squash team who haven’t lost in legit years.

Trivia fact: “A bantam is a small variety of poultry, especially chickens. Etymologically, the name bantam is derived from the city of Bantam, once a major seaport, in Indonesia. European sailors restocking on live fowl for sea journeys found the small native breeds of chicken in Southeast Asia to be useful, and any such small poultry came to be known as a bantam.”

-From Wikipedia (Totally Reliable)

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1 Response to Trinity College’s Nike Vapor Elites

  1. Giles says:

    Hence, Bantam weight in boxing! Surely everyone knows this right???

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