We Talking ‘Bout Cricket?

This was written by the blogosphere’s step-brother. He’s inarguably a better writer than I am. No big deal. Nerd alert. Coming in hot from Duke…Harry Liberman.

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Do you think “wickets” is just some scary disease you get from not eating vitamin c? When someone wins on an “over,” do you assume he’s talking to a bookie? Well then take a look at this commercial from Nike for the Cricket World Cup, the second (SECOND!) most-watched sporting event in the world. An event so powerful, it is easing the tensions between the two most pissed-off nuclear powers in the world. No joke.

At the very least, the Indian-soundtrack for this Cricket commercial should get you pumped for the action, what with its pounding beats and the wildly realistic cricket games in the background. Apparently, cricket goes beyond the field (pitch? We don’t quite know) and even pickup games: you can play cricket on rooftops, in the water, and little children will shirtlessly follow. Another thing that also can go anywhere: Nike brand sporting goods. Anywho, a reminder from the lacrosse world that other sports do exist, in spite of what living on Long Island may tell you.



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One Response to We Talking ‘Bout Cricket?

  1. schommy says:

    u have no idea how fun this game is!! some of my most fond memories as a child was watching or playing cricket until we couldnt see anymore.. the cricket world cup is on right now!! wish i was there!!! when i was a kid there was a 24 beer limit per person. thats how many beers u were allowed to bring into the game!! 24 beers per man per day, perhaps!! now thats a sport!!!

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