Making Quite The Name For Himself, Brian Karalunas

Brian Karalunas

JD days

I still haven’t seen him play, and the more I read and hear about him is starting to make me think that’s a mistake. They play Delaware at home next week, so I think I’m going to head down. After speaking with a couple college coaches, it’s evident that he’s no longer under the radar. Teams are starting to tailor their games around his transition prowess. Meet Villanova’s Brian Karalunas.

1. What’s with the CNY guys doing work at LSM? You and Joel White have cornered the market.

I think the attitude that CNY brings to the game translates well to the LSM position. CNY places a huge emphasis on gritty play and hard work between the lines, which is a lot of what the position is about. 

2. Are we calling the hair laziness, a Zoolander-esque fashion statement or flow?

Woww, LaxUNation’s been sending a lot of hate my way on the hair lately. I’m all natural; I let my locks take their course (in other words, pure laziness). 

4. You lead Villanova All-Time with Caused Turnovers Are you a takeaway check kind of guy, or does your positioning lead to the CT’s?

I think most people would be quick to say former but everything stems from positioning. I practiced position defense long before I was ever allowed to pick up a stick.

5. After taking a gander at your paragraph of accolades, which do you take the most pride in?

My high school State Championship and our CAA Conference Championship. 

6. Jamesville DeWitt won the State Title your senior year, is that the biggest moment in your lax career to date?

That’s a really tough question. Being part of the first Villanova team to make the NCAA tournament was amazing. The State Championship is also equally as important to me. My classmates and I vowed to win a State Championship when we were in middle school and we kept that goal in mind every day for six years. To have that dream come true in the last game of our high school careers was remarkable. 

7. Saw you played Hockey and Soccer in HS. How are your NHL and FIFA skills?

Oh I can bring it in both. Playing my brother in NHL, FIFA, and Madden might be the only times in my life when I get more intense than on the lacrosse field. 

8. What are you studying at school? Thoughts on post-grad life?

I’m in the prelaw track of philosophy. Along with playing in the MLL, my plan is to travel for a while soaking up the secrets of life. I’ll probably end up in law school eventually. 

9. Thoughts on Notre Dame this weekend? Do you match up well with Brenneman/Earl?

It should be a good game. That’s the most you’ll get out of me.

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