Men’s and Women’s Tewaarton Watch List

Tewaarton Trophy

Washington, D.C. – The Greater Washington Sports Alliance is pleased to announce its update to the 2011 Tewaaraton Award watch list.

This annual list is made up of the top lacrosse players across all three divisions of collegiate lacrosse and highlights the hopefuls for the 2011 Tewaaraton Award honors. All watch list nominees are carefully screened and identified by two Selection Committees, one committee for the male athletes and another committee for the female athletes which are comprised of college coaches. The watch list will eventually be whittled down until the top 10 male and female Tewaaraton Award Finalists are named in May of 2011.

The Tewaaraton Award was formally established in August of 2000 by The University Club of Washington, DC and is the pre-eminent lacrosse award, which is awarded annually to the NCAA male and female lacrosse players of the year. Tradition dictates that each year the Tewaaraton Award celebrates one of the six tribal nations of the Iroquois Confederacy: the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca, and the Tuscarora. The 11th annual Tewaaraton Award event is set to recognize the Year of the Tuscarora.

The 11th annual Tewaaraton Award will be presented on June 2, 2011 at the historic Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C. Event details and ticket information can be found at


Casey Ancarrow, James Madison University
Maggie Anderson, William and Mary*
Kelly Barnes, Georgetown University
Shaylyn Blaney, University of Notre Dame
Sarah Bray, Hamilton College
Erin Brennan, University of Pennsylvania
Sarah Bullard, Duke University
Ally Carey, Vanderbilt University
Kat Collins, Dartmouth College
Kitty Cullen, University of Florida
Micaela Cyr, Harvard University*
Brittany Dipper, University of Maryland
Jackie Doherty, University of Notre Dame
Corey Donohoe, University of North Carolina
Liz Downs, University of Virginia
Lizzy Drumm, Princeton University*
Maggie Dunbar, Pennsylvania State University
Lauren Dykstra, Lehigh University
Leslie Foard, Stanford University*
Bergan Foley, University of Louisville
Alex Frank, Northwestern University
Julie Gardner, University of Virginia
Grace Gavin, Loyola University, Maryland
Giulia Giordano, University of Pennsylvania
Grace Golden, William and Mary
Emma Hamm, Duke University*
Katie Hertsch, Hofstra University
Liz Hogan, Syracuse University
Mia Hurrin, University of North Carolina
Kristin Igoe, Boston College
Alison Jaeger, The College of New Jersey
Karri Ellen Johnson, University of Maryland
Sarah Jonson, William and Mary
Christie Kaestner, Duke University
Jordyn Kirr, Georgetown University
Tee Ladouceur, Syracuse University
Mary Kate Lomady, James Madison University
Logan McCraw, Georgetown University
Laura Merrifield, University of Maryland
Greta Meyer, Dartmouth College
Sarah Mollison, University of Maryland
Ashley Olen, C.W. Post
Claire Petersen, Adelphi University
Abby Rehfuss, Loyola University, Maryland
Lauren Schmidt, Stanford University
Katie Schwarzmann, University of Maryland
Shannon Smith, Northwestern University
Jessi Steinberg, Cornell University
Kat Thomas, Duke University
Taylor Thornton, Northwestern University
Erin Tochihara, Princeton University
Chelsea Treat, Limestone College*
Michelle Tumolo, Syracuse University
Charlotte Wood, Drexel University*
Laura Zimmerman, University of North Carolina

*Additions to the original list have asterisks next to their name


Stefan Bauer, Lafayette College
Peter Baum, Colgate University
Billy Bitter, University of North Carolina
Anthony Biscardi, University of Massachussetts*
Chris Bocklet, University of Virginia
Jeremy Boltus, United States Military Academy
Sam Bradman, Salisbury University
Shamel Bratton, University of Virginia
Zach Brenneman, University of Notre Dame
Jay Card, Hofstra University
Grant Catalino, University of Maryland
Brian Caufield, University of Albany*
Matt Chadderdon, Le Moyne College
Jake Clarke, Bucknell University
Tom Compitello, Stony Brook University
CJ Costabile, Duke University
Kevin Crowley, Stony Brook University
Kevin Cunningham, Villanova University*
Jimmy Dailey, Stevenson University
Chris DeLuca, State University of New York Cortland
Jimmy Dunster, University of North Carolina
David Earl, University of Notre Dame
Barney Ehrmann, Georgetown University
Peter Fallon, Brown University
Brian Farrell, University of Maryland
Tyler Fiorito, Princeton University
Ryan Flanagan, University of North Carolina
John Galloway, Syracuse University
Adam Ghitelman, University of Virginia*
Dean Gibbons, Harvard University
Matt Gibson, Yale University
John Haus, University of Maryland *
Bill Henderson, United States Military Academy
DJ Hessler, Tufts University
Dan Hostetler, Georgetown University
Zach Howell, Duke University
Brett Hughes, University of Pennsylvania
Matt Johnson, University of Albany*
Brian Karalunas, Villanova University
Stephen Keogh, Syracuse University
John Lade, Syracuse University
Chris LaPierre, University of Virginia*
Jamie Lincoln, Hofstra University
Matt Mackrides, Pennsylvania State University
Mark Manos, Drexel University
JoJo Marasco, Syracuse University
Kiel Matisz, Robert Morris University
Jack McBride, Princeton University
Jordan McBride, Stony Brook University
Peter Mezzanotte, Towson University
Rickey Mirabito, Georgetown University
Tom Palesky, United States Military Academy*
Rob Pannell, Cornell University
Tom Perini, Lafayette College
John Ranagan, Johns Hopkins University*
Adam Rand, Stony Brook University
Kevin Ridgway, University of Notre Dame
Brett Schmidt, University of Maryland
Steele Stanwick, University of Virginia
Charlie Streep, Bucknell University
Jeremy Thompson, Syracuse University
Garret Thul, United States Military Academy*
Justin Tuma, Roanoke College
Justin Turri, Duke University
Chad Wiedmaier, Princeton University
Kyle Wharton, Johns Hopkins University
Joel White, Syracuse University
Ryan Young, University of Maryland



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