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Max Seibald Was In RVC Yesterday. Were You?

Max Seibald was gracious enough to swing by Lacrosse Unlimited of Rockville Centre yesterday to sign a couple autographs and hangout. It turns out he’s an all-around midfielder…he can play D too.

He says he’s retired his facing off days though, but keep an eye out. He’s thinking about getting rowdy indoors for the Wings. We’re thinking he could be the marquee rumble for a Thursday Throwdown.

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Shamel’s Back For UNC

After sitting out for the second game this year, Shamel Bratton will return to the lineup vs. UNC this weekend for the Cavaliers. Coach Starsia has more.  Continue reading

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Ridge High’s Nike Vapor Elites

Nike Vapor Elite's

In an unexpected twist, the Ridge High School Red Devils wear green. New Jersey is a backwards place. This one time in Montclair, I referred to NJ as “The Dirty,” and the kid had no clue what I was talking about.

It all makes sense now. High schools that should wear red wear green. Is the sky green in Jerse? In other news, Ridge is 1-1. They lost their home opener 7-5 to Bridgewater-Raritan, but bounced back to make quick work of Moorestown. They play an iffy Montgomery squad today, so look for the Red(Green) Devils to push .500 by dinner.

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Georgia Bulldogs Nike Vapor Elites


Uga Himself

Bulldog born. Bulldog bred, and when I die, I’ll be Bulldog dead. Tony Benz hooked up Georgia with some Nike Vapor Elites. Our man Uga needs some mini gloves for his paws.


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Baseball Sucks

Caught this over on The U. Whoa. You have to have some courage to make this video, and what’s better is that Vanderbilt’s Athletic Department posted this on YouTube. They must be adhering to the old motto: Any press is good press. But this is a poor showing for a nationally ranked baseball team.

Brantford Winstonworth was funny. Vanderbilt baseball is…We’ll let you figure out the word.  Continue reading

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VIDEO: Loyola Blakefield Improves to 3-5 With Win Over Gilman, 9-5

Continue reading

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Ridgewood Production By Way of Joe Lombardo

STX Proton U

Ever wonder what managers play with? This is Joe Lombardo’s , Ridgewood’s Manger, weapon of choice. It’s an STX Proton U, which is modeled after the old Proton.

Some of Joe’s other creations:

Ridiculous Dye, And Even Better Stringing

This is a Brine Clutch with a crazy 80’s hair metal-esque dye with a Jordan “23” for good measure.

Murdered Out

Check out the murdered out Brine Amonte. Notice the shaft. Skulls and murdered out? Don’t cross this girl.

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